Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Emil Carlsen Book Update

As many of you know I have been working on publishing a new Emil Carlsen book. I thought I would give an update on (working title) Emil Carlsen: The Complete Known Works. Work is proceeding well but slow. I have been gathering about 500 works and making sure that they are carefully researched and documented. I am just about done with cataloging and will soon be turning my attention to the long and (i'm sure) painful process of Image approval / usage.

If you know of anyone who has high resolution images of his work or own original works please have them contact me at . I still have so many entries missing visual representation! I believe the book will be published privately on and than about a year later be available on and B& I want to make sure that people who might have private collections of his work will have a chance to hear about the book before the final one is submitted to the two big on-lines and no additions/changes would be able to be made of his work.

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David C. Hancock said...

You probably know of this already, but I did run into an original Carlsen painting of pheasants at John Pence. Last I checked it was on their website index page next to the Richard Maury painting.