Sunday, October 26, 2008

Emil Carlsen Auction Update and More Authentication Requests

I recently bid and won a beautiful Emil Carlsen from a reputable auction house - (Thanks Shannon's). I am now a proud Emil Carlsen original owner! I should get the painting soon from the auction house. The Dines Carlsen that was up for sale sold ABOVE auction estimate I believe for $19,000! Like I mentioned in my previous blog entry it was one of the best still life paintings I had seen by him.

I have been getting many requests to authenticate Emil Carlsen's world wide. I might be considered one of the few people who is an expert on Carlsen but I want to let people know that there are others to seek out as well as myself. You might want to have me review the item and then get a second opinion from Jeffrey Morseburg (, a long time respected dealer of Emil Carlsen works.

Unfortunately there seem to be a lot of FLORAL painting fakes. These had their height in the late 1980's at auction and today I had to tell someone that they owned probably a 1987 fake Carlsen.

I did also find a person who is looking to authenticate an Emil Carlsen on ARTINFO but I was unable to create a free account. I suspect it actually might be real and so that excites me!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Emil Carlsen Book Update III

This week I have been fortunate enough to help authenticate an Emil Carlsen from Denmark. It is very exciting as I just can not contain myself when I see his work in person. I will review with restorers and others to see if we can determine if it is a Chinese fake. Unfortunately, you must be very careful since I am starting to see more and more fake Carlsen's from China.

I would like to thank all those who are expressing interest in the book EMIL CARLSEN: THE COMPLETE KNOWN WORKS. I have been hard at work on the layout. The shear amount of images take hours to manipulate. I hope this is all done soon but, will not rush a book of this importance because it might possibly become the definitive book on his life and work.

This week there is a Dines and Emil Carlsen up at auction. Hopefully I will win the Carlsen as I plan to bid. Sadly the Dines (one of the best from him that I have seen at auction) is out of my price range.