Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Emil Carlsen Book Update

Thought i would update everyone on the new Emil Carlsen book I have been working on. Emil Carlsen: The Complete Known Works is really coming along. I have now identified about 750 paintings by Carlsen along with some Drawings. I have about 650 visual represenations gathered and more coming each day. Remember if you know of anyone that has an Emil Carlsen please have them contact me direct (bill@classicalrealist.org) and I will add the item to the book. The book is looking like it will be about 850 pages. It will cost about $100-$200 bucks but it will be the ultimate book. It is taking more time than I ever imagined because I am researching and listing PROVENANCE for each painting, MATERIALS, SIGNATURE INFO, MEASUREMENTS, EXHIBITION HISTORY, etc. so much in a little book! So thanks for all those who keep expressing interest in the book and when it will be complete. Right now it still looks like it will be several more months.