Friday, September 14, 2007

Disappointment About The Original Emil Carlsen Book

A few months ago we announced that the original Vance Jordan Publication on Emil Carlsen would be available. Unfortunately after about 200 hours of re-typesetting and working with the Vance Jordan Estate (and their lawyers) and notifying the original author -- the project had to be pulled. We worked the last year in good faith believing they supported the project but at the time of launch they decided to not republish.

As you can image this was a huge disappointment as we offered any amount of the proceeds they wanted to keep and the rest was to go to our non-profit to create a scholarship fund for artists in Vance Jordan's Name.

Since this was a huge blow to the organization, we are currently working on our own Emil Carlsen Book. It will be MUCH larger, include more color photos, and be written from an artist point of view: including a catalog of his still life props (based on when we believe he might have purchased them), and more details about his technique. Depending on the final direction of the book we might also include some or many of the still life works of Pushman, Weir, Twatchman, Duveneck, Chase, Chardin, Ribot, Vollen, and Carlsen's own son Dine working in a similar style. Already we have uncovered almost 100 more Emil Carlsen works not shown in the original publication, or works that had been marked "location unknown" or previously had no color picture at that time which are now available.

So please be patient with us as we must now buy, request, and get permission from all the different people and institutions to allow us to use images of the works.

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